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A know-how of excellence:

From design to integration of high-tech industrial lasers

In our factory, we control our supply chain on a human scale.
From the design to the integration of industrial lasers, ES LASER knows how to meet all customer requirements.

To guarantee excellence, we design innovative industrial lasers incorporating the best technologies.
ES LASER offers a complete range of lasers and laser machines for demanding industrial applications such as laser welding of metals, laser welding of plastics, e-mobility laser welding, fine cutting (brass, precious metals, stainless steel, etc.), precision laser engraving, laser decoration of high-value parts, 2D or 3D fine laser engraving, laser marking and laser coding for all industrial sectors (automotive, medical, high-end watchmaking, nuclear, etc.)
The integration of these professions and technologies allows us to offer you complete and lasting control of your laser project.

Excellent know-how in the sector of industrial lasers

The know-how of our Technical Team enables us to master the design and production of your industrial lasers. In order to guarantee you the best quality, ES LASER manufactures its own components, sheet metal parts, mechanically welded frames, milled and turned parts. We integrate into the manufacture of your machines the majority of laser technologies used in industry: Ytterbium fibre laser including MOPA, Thulium fibre laser, ultra-short pulse laser (pico laser, femto laser), diode laser, ultraviolet laser, CO2 laser, green laser and hybrid laser.

Humans and values

For more than a quarter of a century, ES LASER has been a key player as a manufacturer of industrial lasers that can be perfectly integrated into your production line and can also be used as automated laser machines. All our laser solutions comply with European and international machine and laser safety standards.

Our Mechanical, Electrical and Computer offices design many laser machines each year to meet our customers’ requirements. The experience of our specialist engineers enables us to offer you innovative and reliable technical solutions, ensuring high performance and providing you with great ease of use and flexibility.

Our own assembly room for optical elements allows us to design and produce complex assemblies that perfectly meet our customers’ requirements.

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with modern production tools: 5 and 4 axis numerically controlled machine tools. We have the necessary testing and inspection facilities to provide our customers with quality laser machines. To date, more than 2500 laser systems have been manufactured or integrated by our specialists.