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How long have lasers been used in industry?

Lasers have been used for many years! In particular, one year after the first flash laser, in 1960, the first industrial laser applications emerged.

What are the applications of laser in industry?

The industrial applications of lasers are numerous: laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser engraving, laser coding, laser ablation, laser stripping, laser cleaning, surface preparation and many micro laser applications.

Which industries use lasers?

Lasers are used in absolutely every industry!

Even the film industry, for the replacement of projector lamps and the cutting, welding of film. The use of the laser is infinite.

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What is the ES LASER technical support number?

+33 556 644 029 – contact@eslaser.com

In which countries does ES LASER offer technical support?

ES LASER supports its customers all over the world, throughout the life of their laser machines.

Do the laser machines manufactured by ES LASER offer assistance in troubleshooting?

Each of our laser machines is equipped with a program called “AnyDesk”. This program allows our engineers to act in remote maintenance with you, in real time, anywhere in the world.

All that is required is that the machine is connected directly to a high-speed Internet connection.

How does ES LASER manage breakdowns?

More than 85% of breakdowns are solved by telephone assistance with remote control of the machine; when necessary, our technicians travel to the customer’s site, anywhere in the world, in the shortest possible time.



Does ES LASER offer technical training in the field of lasers?

Yes, ES LASER offers laser training for all customers !

Which laser training courses are offered by ES LASER?

ES LASER offers a wide range of training courses:

Use of lasers and machines, laser machine safety, laser maintenance and servicing, laser matter interaction, customized training: vision, robot, …. We offer customized laser training according to your needs.

Does ESLaser have a partner for Qualiopi certified training?

Yes, IREPA LASER (www.irepalaser.com) is our partner for the QUALIOPI label.

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What is a customized laser?

A customized laser is a laser tailor-made  to meet the customer’s specifications.

Many industrialists have been using laser tools for many years. Referring to their experience, they ask us to manufacture their marking laser, welding laser or others. We integrate the components you want: galvanometric head, lenses, laser sources, HMI, robot, … to obtain a unique laser dedicated to the desired application.

Who are these customized lasers made for?

These lasers are mainly developed for industrial companies thant want to standardize their machinery. Our main customers for these applications are international groups with factories around the world. We also manufacture custom lasers for OEM integrators who ask us to develop a custom laser for their machine.

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Do you export customized lasers?

Yes, of course! ES LASER exports lasers all over the world. To date, we have exported to 28 countries. Our technicians also travel and provide installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.

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What is the range of lasers offered by ES LASER?

ES LASER offers unique laser machines that are tailored to the exact requirements of each customer in all sectors. We modify and adapt our laser machines to achieve the desired efficiency.

ES LASER offers Ytterbium fiber lasers, short pulse lasers, Pico lasers, Femto lasers, green lasers, Ultraviolet lasers, Thulium and Hybrid lasers.

What are the lasers integrated by ES LASER?

ES LASER integrates laser sources manufactured by world leaders such as Coherent, IPG Photonics, Trumpf,… but also the lasers desired by the customers.

Do the ES LASER teams only manufacture laser machines?

We manufacture laser machines, but we also integrate lasers directly on the production line. More and more, customers ask us to develop their laser for their application.