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With the ES LASER team, you will benefit from over 30 years of know-how in the integration of industrial lasers. This unique know-how allows us to develop and manufacture your laser. We can meet the needs of all industrial sectors for innovative and complex projects. 

Whether it is through the integration of OEM lasers – manufactured by our engineers or by our partners – or through the design of a unique system, we will respond to your request with a customized and highly reliable solution.

If you want to integrate a laser into a production line or integrate a laser into a specific machine, contact us!

Customised industrial lasers

Industrial Ytterbium Fiber Laser


Industrial Ytterbium Fiber Laser


Industrial portable laser


Industrial Ultraviolet Laser


Industrial CO2 Laser


Thulium Laser

Industrial pico and femto second laser

laser de découpe fine innovant

Innovative industrial laser


What is the range of lasers offered by ES LASER?

ES LASER offers unique laser machines that are tailored to the exact requirements of each customer in all sectors. We modify and adapt our laser machines to achieve the desired efficiency.

ES LASER offers Ytterbium fiber lasers, short pulse lasers, Pico lasers, Femto lasers, green lasers, Ultraviolet lasers, Thulium and Hybrid lasers.

What are the lasers integrated by ES LASER?

ES LASER integrates laser sources manufactured by world leaders such as Coherent, IPG Photonics, Trumpf,… but also the lasers desired by the customers.

Do the ES LASER teams only manufacture laser machines?

We manufacture laser machines, but we also integrate lasers directly on the production line. More and more, customers ask us to develop their laser for their application.