Laser marking on barrels

ES LASER has been a partner to cooperages since 1999 for barrel laser marking!

Supplier to 1 out of 2 cooperage manufacturers in France, hundreds of thousands of barrels are marked each year by our ES LASER machines. The French cooperage industry exports an average of 65% of its production, and we’re proud to play our part in spreading French know-how and excellence around the world. Over the past twenty years, our teams have designed and built dozens of barrel laser marking machines.

By applying the same technical solutions as for other industrial sectors, our machines offer the best performance in terms of marking quality and speed, as well as durability, whatever the constraints of use (dust, humidity, extreme temperatures, etc.).

What’s more, we customize each Man-Machine Interface to meet the requirements of our customers, who are rightly ever more rigorous.

From testing in our applications laboratory to machine design, our team is at your disposal for any project.

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Laser marking on barrels

Expert laser for laser marking on barrels